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At Cavalier Wealth Management, we provide you with proactive advice on tax-reduction strategies and more.

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At Cavalier Wealth Management we provide you with proactive advice on tax–reduction strategies and more. Back in the day, you’d end up in a lower tax bracket in retirement than you were in during your working years.

To effectively plan for your retirement, you’ll want to understand what tax bracket you’re in now and in the future. Plus, you’ll also want to understand what tax bracket your beneficiaries will be in.

Unfortunately, that’s not true for most people today. Retirees usually end up in a higher tax bracket than in their working years due to their Social Security income, retirement income, and distribution from assets, not limited to required minimum distribution (RMD). We’re here to help make sure the money you saved and invested should work for you, not against you.

Why the Tax and Jobs Act of 2017 impacts you

Did you know that the Tax and Jobs Act of 2017 lowered our effective tax-rate through December 31, 2025?

This means that if you’re deferring into your IRA today, and saving 12% or 22%, you’ll be paying 15% and 24% when you take that money as income. Plus, that’s only with the tax laws in place right now.

Lastly, do you know if your dividends qualify for a specific tax rate called a capital gain tax rate? If you’re in the 12% tax bracket, you won’t pay any taxes on qualifying dividends.

What about your Social Security income and how it relates to your other income? You want to maximize how much you can keep and lower you tax liability.

Do you think taxes are going up or down over time? Since we’re in some of the lowest tax-brackets in American history, we believe they’re going to increase.

That’s what we here at Cavalier Wealth Management are working for, to make sure that you keep your wealth as much and for as long as you can.

While tax preparation focuses on getting you squared away with the IRS during each year’s tax season, tax planning prepares you to take a Tax-Smart approach to your finances all year-round.

Think of tax planning as the art of understanding your taxes today, tomorrow, and in your retirement years.

Our team provides a Tax-Smart 2nd Look based on all of your assets to devise a tax plan that avoids costly tax implications.

This plan will make sure you:

Avoid having withdrawals from your savings and investment accounts to increase your tax rate.

Understand the correct order in which to access your various accounts, and the best times to do so.

Choose investment strategies that offer the best returns for your retirement goals.

At Cavalier Wealth Management, we make it all easy. Our experts provide you with comprehensive support and a tax plan customized to your financial profile at affordable rates that won’t strain your budget.

Because your comfort is our mission, we’ll work alongside your existing financial planners to make sure you get a strategy that feels right for you.

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You’ve done the work to prepare for retirement and rainy days. Tax planning lets you protect that investment.

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With our complimentary Tax-Smart 2nd Look analysis, we’ll examine your tax return line-by-line in search of opportunities to expand your refund or lower your tax liability.

That’s just one reason so many clients trust Cavalier Wealth Management. We’re here to give you the peace of mind knowing you’re working with experienced tax professionals.

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