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You see, we take a big picture approach to tax preparation – unlike other services, our focus extends beyond your previous year’s financials to explore ways to improve your future returns as well.

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Prepared, Especially
at Tax Time

Each year, millions of people find themselves rushing to get their financial affairs in order before the mid-April tax-filing deadline.

Like many Americans, you’ve likely turned to DIY online tax preparation software or high-priced certified public accountants (CPAs) to prepare your taxes in the past.

But for years, you’ve been frustrated by less-than impressive refunds while your friends, colleagues, and neighbors collect substantial checks. Or worse, you’ve been saddled with massive amounts owed to the IRS.

So, if you’ve been questioning whether there’s a better way, there is!

The solution to smarter, simpler

Tax Preparation Services

Here Cavalier Wealth Management, we take the stress and hassle out of tax season. Our experts are experienced in tax preparation and dedicated to securing you the best possible return. With our intimate knowledge of state and federal tax laws, we’re committed to the highest level of compliance and accuracy. We’re adept at spotting deductions, credits, and other opportunities to improve your refund and keep more money in your pocket. 

You see, we take a big picture approach to tax preparation – unlike other services, our focus extends beyond your previous year’s financials to explore ways to improve your future returns as well.

With Cavalier Wealth Management, you’ll:

1. Skip the hassle and headache of trying to crunch the numbers yourself or trying to navigate complicated software.

2. Discover exactly how your tax prep fits into the overall taxation of your investment goals and strategy.

3. Enjoy your tax preparation at no extra cost when you use our tax planning service.

4. Gain peace of mind knowing you’re not paying more taxes than you owe or getting less of a refund than you earned.

Line-by-Line Tax Review Assessment

Did you know that 85% of your Social Security could become
taxable in retirement based on your income levels?

It’s becoming increasingly important for high-income
individuals to manage taxable income with a target tax rate
in mind. You might be able to reduce your taxes on the
capital gains received from your taxable accounts.

For 2020, the taxpayer in the 10% and 15% income brackets
can realize long-term capital gains or receive qualified
dividends without being taxed.

This year, the 15% tax brackets top out at taxable income of
$75,300 for married couples filing jointly.

2nd Look

Find out how to keep your Taxes Down

At Cavalier Wealth Management, we understand how your actions today determine whether or not you’ll have financial freedom when you retire.

Presented by one of our certified professionals, our Tax-Smart 2nd Look analyzes your tax return to show you how to save in a tax-smart manner. We look at your current return and provide recommendations that will help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

The analysis also lets you know when to withdraw money from IRAs, file for Social Security, take dividends, buy and sell investments, and more. Understand your target tax bracket, minimize taxation, maximize your pension-like income. Plus, make sure you’re always planning from a Tax-Smart perspective.

Simply put, this tax-smart analysis shows you how to:

  1. Reduce your taxes
  2. View a cash-flow analysis of your retirement plan
  3. Create tax-free income
  4. Understand your tax bracket
  5. See if your investment decisions negatively impact your tax return

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With our complimentary Tax-Smart 2nd Look analysis, we’ll examine your tax return line-by-line in search of opportunities to expand your refund or lower your tax liability.

That’s just one reason so many clients trust Cavalier Wealth Management. We’re here to give you the peace of mind knowing you’re working with experienced tax professionals.

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